An Integrated Knowledge Base for Modelling and Predicting Vehicle Real-world Emissions as a Function of Driving Behaviour Kinematics

Mario Rapone, Livia Della Ragione, Giovanni Meccariello


A multivariate modelling approach was developed by Istituto Motori to model and predict vehicle real-world emissions. Complex driving kinematics is represented by two blocks of variables, which require the development of a hierarchical multiblock emission model, where the two blocks of variables represent overall and instantaneous features of each driving cycle associated to a trip. The multiblock model was applied to analyze and model emissions of the large database built in the ARTEMIS project. In this database we collected emission measurements performed in European laboratories relative to real driving cycles which are statistically representative of many European traffic/road conditions from congested to rush-hour traffic in urban, rural and highway roads. Data concern a varied fleet of vehicles differing in technology and class. To develop a tool useful for mobility analysts for traffic environmental impact assessment, a knowledge base was envisaged to integrate the data warehouse and the model base to build a user interface for driving cycle kinematics and emission analysis. In this paper the modelling approach is presented together with overall emission and driving kinematics characterization based on experimental results, as well as functional analysis of the knowledge base structure and the information tool.

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