An Efficient Coding Method for Teleconferencing Video and Confocal Microscopic Image Sequences

Vinay Arya, Ankush Mittal, Amit Pande, Ramesh C. Joshi


In this paper we propose a three-dimensional vector quantization based video coding scheme. The algorithm uses a 3D vector quantization pyramidal code book based model with adaptive code book pyramidal codebook for compression. The pyramidal code book based model helps in getting high compression in case of modest motion. The adaptive vector quantization algorithm is used to train the code book for optimal performance with time. Some of the distinguished features of our algorithm are its excellent performance due to its adaptive behavior to the video composition and excellent compression due to codebook approach. We also propose an efficient codebook based post processing technique which enables the vector quantizer to possess higher correlation preservation property. Based on the special pattern of the codebook imposed by post-processing technique, a window based fast search (WBFS) algorithm is proposed. The WBFS algorithm not only accelerates the vector quantization processing, but also results in better rate-distortion performance. The proposed approach can be used for both teleconferencing videos and to compress images obtained from confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM). The results show that the proposed method gave higher subjective and objective image quality of reconstructed images at a better compression ratio and presented more acceptable results when applying image processing filters such as edge detection on reconstructed images. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed method outperforms the teleconferencing compression standards H.261 and LBG based vector quantization technique.

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