Identifying Model Parameters of Semiconductor Devices Using Optimization Techniques

Josef Dobeš, Martin Grabner, Lubomir Hruškovič


The optimization is an indispensable tool for extracting the parameters of any complicated models. Hence, advanced optimization techniques are also necessary for identifying the model parameters of semiconductor devices because their current models are very sophisticated (especially the BJT and MOSFET ones). The equations of such models contain typically one hundred parameters. Therefore, the measurement and particularly identification of the full set of the model parameters is very difficult. In the paper, an optimization method is presented which is applicable for the identifications of very complicated models using a relatively small number of iterations. The algorithm has been implemented into the original software tool C.I.A. (Circuit Interactive Analyzer) to its static and dynamic analysis modes. Therefore, the optimization is able to identify both direct-current and capacitance models of semiconductor devices. The process is demonstrated with various transistors.

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