Using Network Processor to Establish Security Agent for AODV Routing Protocol

Chen Hongsong, Fu Zhongchuan, Wang Chengyao, Ji Zhenzhou, Hu Mingzeng


Network Processor (NP) is optimized to perform special network functionalities. It has highly parallel processing architecture to achieve high performance. Ad hoc network is an exciting research aspect due to the characters of self-organization、 dynamically changing topology and temporary network life. However, all the characters make the security problem more serious. Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack is the main puzzle in the security of Ad hoc network. A novel NP-based security scheme is proposed to combat the attack in AODV routing protocol. Security agent is established by a hardware thread in NP. Agent can update itself at some interval by the trustworthiness of the neighbor nodes. Agent can trace the RREQ and RREP messages stream to aggregate the key information to link list and analyze them by intrusion detection algorithm. NS2 simulator is expanded to validate the security scheme. Simulation results show that NP-based security scheme is highly effective to detect and block DoS attack.

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