Computer Assisted Planning in Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery

Stefan Zachow, Hans-Christian Hege, Peter Deuflhard


In cranio-maxillofacial surgery physicians are often faced with the reconstruction of massively destroyed or radically resected tissue structures caused by trauma or tumours. Also corrections of dislocated bone fragments up to the complete modeling of facial regions in cases of complex congenital malformations are common tasks of plastic and reconstructive surgeons. With regard to the individual anatomy and physiology, such procedures have to be planned and executed thoroughly in order to achieve the best functional as well as an optimal aesthetic rehabilitation. On this account a computer assisted modeling, planning and simulation approach is presented that allows for preoperative assessment of different therapeutic strategies on basis of three-dimensional patient models. Bone structures can be mobilized and relocated under consideration of anatomical and functional constraints. The resulting facial appearance is simulated via finite-element methods on basis of a biomechanical tissue model, and visualized using high quality rendering techniques. Such an approach is not only important for preoperative mental preparation, but also for vivid patient information, documentation, quality assurance as well as for surgical education and training.

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