ERP Software Evaluation and Comparative Analysis

Kresimir Fertalj, Damir Kalpic


This paper presents the results of an investigation performed in 2001 under the title Comparative Analysis of Information Systems Software in Croatia. The focus was set on the comparative analysis of domestic and foreign Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, which is present in Croatia. The investigation was performed from the standpoint of ERP applicability, regardless of the development methods and information technology. In other words, the evaluation was performed primarily from the standpoint of users rather than designers, programmers or other persons engaged in the system development and implementation. System evaluation was performed in several phases and in multiple steps. A general list of relevant ERP characteristics was established first. This initial list was updated in co-operation with ERP suppliers and users. They completed the list by adding the characteristics they regarded as important or accentuated some features of their solutions that had not been mentioned initially. System evaluation was performed at the users' sites, having insight to real applications. To increase the objectivity and accuracy, the evaluating teams consisted by persons of different profile (independent field experts, e.g. an accounting expert, IT expert, end-user etc.). In spite of the attitude taken not to evaluate the concrete basic technology, some estimation of the computing architecture and functionality was performed, when it was found relevant for the estimation of applicability.

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