A Taxonomy of Information Retrieval Models and Tools

Gerardo Canfora, Luigi Cerulo


Information retrieval is attracting significant attention due to the exponential growth of the amount of information available in digital format. The proliferation of information retrieval objects, including algorithms, methods, technologies, and tools, makes it difficult to assess their capabilities and features and to understand the relationships that exist among them. In addition, the terminology is often confusing and misleading, as different terms are used to denote the same, or similar, tasks. This paper proposes a taxonomy of information retrieval models and tools and provides precise definitions for the key terms. The taxonomy consists of superimposing two views: a vertical taxonomy, that classifies IR models with respect to a set of basic features, and a horizontal taxonomy, which classifies IR systems and services with respect to the tasks they support. The aim is to provide a framework for classifying existing information retrieval models and tools and a solid point to assess future developments in the field.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.2498/cit.2004.03.01

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