Methodological Framework of Business Reengineering within Logistics System

Marina Čičin-Šain, Slavomir Vukmirović, Zvonko Čapko


Methodological scope of business reengineering is designed by using logistics information systems researches carried out in most highly developed countries. Methods of information system development are analysed from the business engineering point of view. The example of the information system development in the function of business reengineering describes the usage of the method of the system structural analysis in redesigning the process of transport of goods, which is critical for optimization of process of transport within the system of logistics. Based upon the analysis of the logistics system, business necessities and studies of information system development researches in certain companies in Germany and USA, some of significant factors of strategic development of logistics information systems have been defined. Definition of critical factors of information system development and their mutual interaction intensity provides the guidelines for forming the methodological scope of business reengineering of the logistics system.

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