Applying the ISRQCC Method in a Web Reengineering Process. The SwissInsurances (SWI) Web Engineering Audit

Antoine Trad, Damir Kalpić, Catherine Trad


The most important factor in maintaining Web Engineering Information Systems (WEIS) lifecycle is the reengineering process that in most cases is due to serious problems and hence high maintenance costs; this process must be closely monitored by audit procedures. Once the WEIS was put into production, the maintenance and reengineering considerations started, and the Information System Risk and Quality Check Coefficient (ISRQCC) method was periodically used to audit it. It also established the relationship between the (re)design and the reengineering process. This paper presents the application of the ISRQCC method in the SWI’s Web Engineering (WE) project, where the audit operations resulted in a major reengineering process.

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