Affordable Dial-up PPP Internet Connection for School Classroom Local Area Networks

Igor Ozimek


A software package is presented that provides a simple and low cost solution for schools to connect their classroom Local Area Networks (LAN) to Internet and to use Internet services. The main component of the package is NOS4S (NOS for Schools), a DOS program based on JNOS with some substantial extensions necessary for the intended use. Besides acting as an on-demand TCP/IP router over dial-up Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or ISDN lines, the program also serves as a local e-mail (on-demand SMTP / POP3), FTP and WWW server. Although relatively low cost commercial routers for connecting an LAN to Internet can be found on the market, it is generally difficult for schools to afford them due to their limited financial resources. In contrast, the NOS4S solution is essentially free. On the one hand, NOS4S is publicly available and free. On the other hand, because the classroom computers must be periodically replaced with newer ones to be able to run current versions of MS Windows, some older and abandoned computer suitable to run NOS4S can usually be found in a school.

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